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Additional steps for NG3. The next Source Navigator NG release (4?) will fix these issues:

  • mkdir $BUILD/db4 after configure bails out (and reconfigure afterwards)
  • install new libtool from fink (glibtool) + update name of libtool-executable in db4/PORT/Makefile after configuratie
  • cp $BUILD/db4/PORT/db_185.h to snavigator/db after error during make
  • cp db4/PORT/db.h ../sourcenavigator-NG3/db4/PORT/ after error during make install
  • cp db4/PORT/db_185.h ../sourcenavigator-NG3/db4/PORT/ after error during make install
  • rename $SNAV/bin/binary.dSYM to $SNAV/bin/binary after installation

During execution of the model building Fetch-scripts following (harmless) error: (1/9) Running Source Navigator ...hyper(78365) malloc: *** error for object 0xbfffd9f4: Non-aligned pointer being freed

 set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug
 pass (9 sec.)
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