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Fetch releases are provided in the form of a tarball. Fetch is distributed under the GNU General Public License v2 which means that its source code is freely-distributed and available to the general public.

  • Fetch 0.7.5 (24MB, August 21st, 2008) - Introduced command line options to select the metric engine, as well as to specify the output directory for models and log files.
  • Fetch 0.7.4 (23MB, May 23rd, 2008) - Introduced the IEMetrics metric engine that calculates Cyclomatic Complexity and Lines of Code for function and method definitions that could not be processed by pmccabe.
  • Fetch 0.7.3 (23MB, May 9th, 2008) - Corrected bugs in method generation and in macro uses (#3). Integrated CDIF2RSF in snavtofamix.
  • Fetch 0.7.2 (23MB, April 23rd, 2008) - measurement completeness, metric scripts
  • Fetch 0.7.1 (23MB, Mar 21, 2008) - model completeness, major code cleanup in snavtofamix
  • Fetch 0.7 (23MB, Mar 5, 2008) - Java annotations, speed-ups, model completeness, improved robustness
  • Fetch 0.6.3 (22MB, Jan 12, 2008) - improved support for Windows
  • Fetch 0.6.2 (23MB, Jan 2, 2008)
  • Fetch 0.6 (23MB, Nov 12, 2007) - improved fact extraction, Java metrics, RSF2MSE, RSF2GXL, change metrics
  • Fetch 0.5 (23MB, Oct 2007) - Replaced CCCC with PmcCabe
  • Fetch 0.4 (23MB, Oct 2007)
  • Fetch 0.3 (21MB, May 2007)
  • Fetch 0.2 (19 MB, Febr 2007)
  • Fetch 0.1 (18 MB, Febr 2007)

This tarball has the following directory structure:

binaries for (i) pmccabe; and (ii) crocopat for Linux and OSx (both on Intel and PowerPC) and Windows.
documentations on (i) Fetch in general; (ii) source to rsf instructions; and (iii) Crocopat's RML syntax.
contains the source of two open source projects: (i) Teamspirit (C++ Spreadsheet); and (ii) Anastacia (Java Messenger client).
contains the main scripts for converting source code to RSF format: (i); and (ii)
  • parserExt 
    a set of Perl and Shell scripts for harvesting information not provided by Source Navigator nor pmccabe, e.g.: (i) namespaces; (ii) preprocessor directives; and (iii) attributes for Java code.
    Scripts for The R Project for Statistical Computing. The data for these scripts is provided by rml scripts (see below).
    • beforeAfterComplexityAnalysis 
      compares metrics on two versions of a software system, namely before and after refactoring.
      reports size, complexity and coupling metrics
      trend analysis across a variable number of versions
    Crocopat scripts in the Relation Manipulation Language. These scripts take an RSF file as input and generate ASCII output, either for Guess, R or plain reports.
the source code for the elements in the chain
    Python sources, therefore not included in the binaries directory
    same as for cccc
    Java sources and jar-file with shell-script to ensure the correct classpath
    same a for ccc
    same as for CDIF2RSF.
system tests
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