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[edit] Architecture level

[edit] Module interactions

Module interactions in the Maemo platform, using the Graphviz visualization environment. Note: transitive dependencies are left out.

Generated using the generateDotSubModuleInteractionGraph.rml script.


[edit] Include graph

Representation of files as nodes, and edges as their inclusion. Red edges indicate redundant includes that are not required for compilation.

Generated using the generateGUESSRedundantIncludeGraph.rml script.


[edit] Design level

[edit] Test Design

Visualization of the (overall) test suite design of a Java/JUnit system


[edit] Study the Exceptional Entities

Positioning of classes on a scatterplot according to their number of attributes and methods. Generated using the GenerateGUESSGodClassView.rml script.

God class view for the teamspirit case

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