Move from CDIF to MSE

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[edit] Status

  • Suggested a solution.

[edit] Problem description

Change output format of snavtofamix from CDIF to MSE, as (i) MSE is id based, just like our internal representation as well as futher output formats such as RSF and (ii) CDIF has become obsolete in MOOSE; MSE is the new format.

Therefore, we decided upon Snavtofamix -> MSE -> Others. This also means that we will not produce other formats directly from MSE, as we would then depend too much on source navigator + snavtofamix as fact extractor. Rather, we would like to read in MSE from other sources as well.

[edit] Suggested solution

  • Introduce Writers as subclasses for each model entity. Either:
    • make these writers write to a given file;
    • make these writers return a string representation that can be written to a file by the client.
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