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[edit] Testing

  • The tests reside in snavtofamix/test
  • Unit tests: snavtofamix/test/ut/ is a unit test suite with several 100's of tests written using pyunit
  • Pieces tests: batch of small I/O tests focussing upon individual features. For C/C++, contains the regression batch while (the test-driven batch) contains the tests that we still have to make pass. For Java, contains both the regression batch as well as the test-driven batch.
  • System/Benchmark tests: runs snavtofamix on two small-sized real systems (13 KLOC C++ spreadsheet system Teamspirit, 12 KLOC Java instant messaging tool) to observe regressions as well as advancements in-the-large. Result is compared with baseline from previous version. for C++, for Java.
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