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LORE / Teaching / SReMas / Dynamic Analysis and Testing Lab Session

During this lab session we use dynamic analysis to (i) gain program understanding and (ii) evaluate test quality through measuring test coverage.


  • The instructions for the Lab Session.
  • As sample system to apply the tools to, you can use Checkstyle, a code style adherence checker application. Alternatively, we encourage you to apply the tools to your student projects.
  • For ease of use, we have provided a precompiled version of Checkstyle loaded into a working eclipse environment both for Linux and Windows.
  • We use the ExtraVis dynamic analysis tool for the program understanding part developed by the TUe.
  • The eclemma coverage plugin for Eclipse. Install via help -- software -- find install -- new feature -- new remote site. To execute Checkstyle's tests in Eclipse, provide -Dtestinputs.dir="./src/testinputs/com/puppycrawl/tools/checkstyle" as VM argument.
  • workspace including pmd


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