Proposed restructuring of ArgoUML sources.

The purpose of the restructuring would be to allow tight component building as a foundation for ArgoUML. By separating source files into basic components, we could minimize the possibility that changes to source files have unexpected impact on other areas of the application.

The component directories shown below are for discussion only, the names are decided in other suggestions.

             /build (Unchanged as part of this.)
             /documentation (Unchanged as part of this.)
             /lib (Unchanged as part of this.)
             /modules (Basically unchanged as part of this.  Some of the
                       test sources will be moved to the component test
             /src_new (all files removed after moving to src.)
                 /build (shared library location)
                         /build (not in cvs)

                         /build (not in cvs)

                         /build (not in cvs)


             /tests (all files removed after moving to src/?????/tests)
             /tools (unchanged as part of this)
             /www (unchanged as part of this)