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A Qualitative Investigation of UML Modeling Conventions

version 1.0 (August, 21th 2006)


This page provides links to the experimental material used in the context of the research paper A Qualitative Investigation of UML Modeling Conventionn. This paper was written by Bart Du Bois, Christian F.J. Lange, Serge Demeyer and Michel R.V. Chaudron, and was submitted to the 1st Workshop on Quality in Modeling, at MODELS 2006.

For further details about the context in which the experiment was performed, we direct the interested reader to the paper itself.


The material is packed in a 3.3MB zip-file that can be downloaded here.

The package contains all the experimental material used in the original experimental runs, the collected data, and R scripts for data analysis. The package should support the repeatability of the empirical test, and its replication to further improve statistical conclusion validity.

For further information, please direct your questions to bart dot dubois at ua dot ac dot be.


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