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TitleReverse Engineering for Mainframe Enterprise Applications: Patterns and Experiences
Author(s)Van Geet and Joris
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AbstractThe ability to evolve and maintain software reliably is a major challenge for today's organizations. Reverse engineering can support this challenge by recovering knowledge from existing systems. The reverse engineering community is a vibrant research community which has resulted in many useful techniques and research prototypes to recover this knowledge, however, few of them have been exploited industrially in significant ways. To investigate this lacking industrial adoption, this dissertation explores the applicability of existing reverse engineering techniques in practice, more specifically, on mainframe systems in the Financial Services Industry. We report our experience with applying software views, feature location and redocumentation; and we identify the main cause for the lacking adoption to be the mismatch between the characteristics of reverse engineering and the characteristics of the (development) processes in place in the organizations. To resolve this situation, we recommend organizations to incorporate reverse engineering into their processes, urge researchers to apply their techniques not only in the lab but also in realistic circumstances
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