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TitleComparison of Similarity Metrics for Refactoring Detection
Author(s)Benjamin Biegel, Quinten David Soetens, Willi Hornig, Stephan Diehl and Serge Demeyer
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AbstractIdentifying refactorings in software archives has been an ac- tive research topic in the last decade, mainly because it is a prerequisite for various software evolution analyses (e.g., error detection, capturing intent of change, capturing and re- playing changes, and relating refactorings and software met- rics). Many of these techniques rely on similarity measures to identify structurally equivalent code, however, up until now the effect of this similarity measure on the performance of the refactoring identification algorithm is largely unex- plored. In this paper we replicate a well-known experiment from Weissgerber and Diehl, plugging in three different sim- ilarity measures (text-based, AST-based, token-based). We look at the overlap of the results obtained by the different metrics
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