1st workshop on Program Comprehension through Dynamic Analysis
PCODA 2005

Co-located with the 12th WCRE, November 10th, 2005, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA   

Program (version: 07/11/2005)

8:00 Start of workshop
8:05 Welcome note and short introduction by participants
8:30 Session 1 (summarized by: Andy Zaidman)
Industrial experience and practical application of dynamic analysis approaches
  1. Using Build Process Intervention To Accommodate Dynamic Instrumentation of
    Complex Systems
    Robert L. Akers
  2. Applying Dynamic Analysis in a Legacy Context: An Industrial Experience Report
    Andy Zaidman, Bram Adams, Kris De Schutter
  3. Crystallizing Application Configurations to Aid Program Comprehension
    Ken Zhang, Richard C. Holt
9:30 Coffee break
9:45 Session 2 (summarized by: Lewis Baumstark Jr.)
Dynamic analysis challenges and metrics for dynamic analysis
  1. DDgraph: a Tool to Visualize Dynamic Dependences
    Francoise Balmas, Harald Wertz, Rim Chaabane
  2. Dynamic Estimation of Data-Level Parallelism in Nested Loop Structures: A Preliminary Report
    Lewis B. Baumstark, Jr., Linda M. Wills
  3. Selective Tracing for Dynamic Analyses
    Matthias Meyer, Lothar Wendehals
  4. Dynamic Fan-in and Fan-out Metrics for Program Comprehension
    Wang Yuying, Li Qingshan, Chen Ping, Ren Chunde
10:45 Session 3 (summarized by: Abdelwahab Hamou-Lhadj)
High level dynamic analysis views
  1. The Concept of Trace Summarization
    Abdelwahab Hamou-Lhadj
  2. Applying Semantic Analysis to Feature Execution Traces
    Adrian Kuhn, Orla Greevy and Tudor Gırba
  3. Enhancing Static Architectural Design Recovery by Lightweight Dynamic Analysis
    Andrew Malton, Atousa Pahelvan
  4. An Approach to Program Comprehension through Reverse Engineering of Complementary Software
    Aline Vasconcelos, Rafael CepÍda, ClŠudia Werner
11:45 Wrap-up
12:00 End of workshop

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